Enrollment Procedure for non-EU Citizens
If you are a non-EU citizen, certain steps must be followed in order to attend in one of our professional pilot courses (Commercial Pilot License Integrated training course or Commercial Pilot License Modular training course).

Step 1.
An enrollment application will be send to you upon request by e-mail. With the application you will also receive our bank account details.

Step 2.
You must fill out the application, sign it and proceed with a deposit of 1.000 euro which is the cost of the initial assessment. This cost will be deducted from the total course cost. In case of failure in any phase of the initial assessment an amount of 600 euro will be refunded to you.

Step 3.
Send us by e-mail the application filled and the bank receipt of the deposit in order to start the enrollment procedure.

Step 4.
An invitation for a short stay VISA will be issued by our Academy upon receiving the Application and the payment of the initial assesment cost. A further guidance will be take place from our Administration department to help you get your short stay VISA.

Step 5.
When you have your VISA you must travel to Greece for the initial assessment. The initial assessment stucture is described in detail here.

Step 6.
Once you get accepted by our Academy as a full time student we will start the procedure for getting a long stay (student permit) VISA.