Become a Pilot

Pilot training for candidates with no previous flying experience!

You want to be a pilot? You want to make your dream come true? You have no flying experience? Great! These aviation training courses are designed for student pilots with zero flying experience!

Become a Commercial Pilot ATPL Integrated. Commercial Pilot Training Course, EASA Approved

The student does not need to have previous flying experience. AB Initio - From experience to ATPL(A) Frozen training course.
The ATP(A) Integrated «Standard» Course is a program designed exclusively by active pilots of world-wide airlines, members of evaluation and pilot selection committees, as well as airline pilot instructors and evaluators. This course is a very  prestigious training course for obtaining a professional pilot’s license, as it is a complete training package structured in such a way as to serve exclusively this exact purpose. The course is aimed mainly at candidates with zero experience, new entrants in the field of aviation, who have set a goal to occupy a position in the cockpit of a large commercial aircraft in a short period of time, with a guaranteed career and development as airline pilots.The ATP(A) Integrated «Standard» Course is designed to meet the standard requirements set by the airlines being a very recognized training program that they prefer for their candidate pilots. This program meets the minimum requirements, set by the EU (European Union) Regulations, regarding the obtainment of a professional pilot’s license. It is mainly aimed to those who want to become professional pilots in the shortest time, at the minimum cost. Download the Course (.pdf)

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Aviator Modular I PPL(A) - Private Pilot License

This course is designed to train students with no previous flight experience to level of flying as private pilots in command on single engine piston aircrafts under visual flight rules.

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