The purpose of this document is to list the terms and conditions governing the use of the website, which is the internet website of the FANOURAKIS AVIATION SERVICES SA, (henceforth “the website”).  Use of the website requires complete and unconditional acceptance of the terms mentioned which apply to all the contents herein.

Provision of information and news

- FANOURAKIS AVIATION SERVICES SA makes every possible effort to ensure that information and all contents of the website is correct, accurate, complete, sufficient, clear, available and timely but can not guarantee and is not liable for achieving the existence of this data.

- Under no circumstances, including negligence is FANOURAKIS AVIATION SERVICES SA liable for any kind of damage caused to the user/visitor of the website directly or indirectly by using the website.

- Information and other data made available to users/visitors through the website, to the degree that they do not pertain to FANOURAKIS AVIATION SERVICES SA directly, are gathered from sources accessible to the public and are provided to the users/visitors of the website exclusively for informative reasons.

- Information and other data may include general descriptions regarding the technical capabilities of individual products or services which may not be available in some cases (e.g. due to product changes). Therefore, description and characteristics of a product or service shall be mutually agreed in each case at the time of purchase.

- The user/visitor is exclusively responsible for using, evaluating, appreciating and utilizing individual information provided. The user/visitor is exclusively liable for any business or other decision making on the basis of this information and FANOURAKIS AVIATION SERVICES SA is not obligated to cover or restitute any damage or contradiction resulting from the information provided through the website.

- The user/visitor is responsible for accessing the website services and this access may require payment of fees to third parties (e.g. internet service providers, internet time charge). The user/visitor is exclusively responsible for paying the relevant fees. Also, the user/visitor is exclusively responsible for outfitting his/her personal equipment with the necessary technological equipment that will allow access to the website services.


We respect your privacy and protection is important to us. Their protection is governed by the General Data Protection and Regulation and the general national and European legislation on the protection of personal data.

What is personal data

Personal data is the information of individuals, such as name, postal address, email address, telephone number, etc., which identify or may identify you.

What data do we store

We store your personal data that website's forms or other parties forms asking. You fill out these data and send them at your own discretion, using these forms to contact the Academy, so that you can be served (answering your questions and / or requests receiving informative emails). Your personal data is used exclusively by the Academy to communicate with you. The Academy does not disclose, grant or sell this data to any third party.

We use SSL encryption protocol to ensure privacy of data transfer over the internet. There is always SSL encryption enabled at all parts of the site where you enter the above personal data.

Links to third party webpages and websites

- The website may provide users/visitors with the ability to connect to third party webpages and websites through special links (links, hyperlinks, banners) the contents of which are the exclusive responsibility of these entities.

- FANOURAKIS AVIATION SERVICES SA does not guarantee their availability and does not approve nor is liable for their contents, correctness, legality, completeness, timeliness and accuracy of information nor for the quality and attributes of products or services made available by these entities through the webpages or websites above.

- FANOURAKIS AVIATION SERVICES SA is under no circumstances liable for the users/visitors communication with third party providers of products or services which may be advertised in the website nor for any possible commercial transaction that may result from the relationship between them.

Intellectual property rights – Trademarks

- The website contents (information material in any form, data, graphics, trademarks, names, logos, etc.) are the intellectual property of FANOURAKIS AVIATION SERVICES SA or its right-holders, which falls under the protection of Greek and EU legal provisions.

- Any form of republication, transmission, transfer, reproduction, distribution, presentation, connection, downloading or exploitation in any other form, of the contents of this website for commercial or other purposes in part or in whole in any manner or means without prior written permission by FANOURAKIS AVIATION SERVICES SA is prohibited. Excluded is the case of saving a single copy of part of the contents in a simple PC for private use and not for public or commercial use, without deleting their origin from the website and without infringing on intellectual and industrial property rights in any manner.
Website operation

- Internet is not a safe environment and FANOURAKIS AVIATION SERVICES SA does not guarantee that all website operations are continuous or free of any errors or viruses and is not liable for any loss of data or other damage to the user/visitor or third parties which is caused through the use / copy / download or corruption or virus infection or other non allowed interventions by third parties to the files and information made available through the website. The user/visitor is exclusively responsible for protecting his/her system from viruses.

Amendment of terms of use

- FANOURAKIS AVIATION SERVICES SA retains the right to at any time amend the terms of use herein and the contents of the website and users/visitors must check each time for possible changes. If they continue to use the website it will be assumed that they have accepted these amendments.

Applicable law and other terms

- The aforementioned terms and conditions for use of and any amendment thereof are governed by Greek law, the laws of the European Union and relevant international conventions. Any modification of the terms and conditions that has not been stated in writing and has not been incorporated in this document shall not be taken into consideration. The competent Courts of Rhodes, Greece shall resolve any difference that may arise from the interpretation or application herein.