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We build aviation careers.
Our principles are Flight Safety, Consistency and Commitment to training and to Aviation spirit. We don't provide pilot licenses but we prepare professional pilots who successfully pass pilots assessment conducted by Airlines. Another important reason to choose us is that we are located in Greece!

Flight Safety

Our Pilot Academy belongs to the aviation organization FAS. FAS holds approval certificates as maintenance organization (Part-145) plus as a continuing airworthiness management organization (Part-M). The experienced maintenance staff constantly monitor our airplanes that are always well maintained and available for the needs of flight training.


The experienced ground and flight instructors in collaboration with planning and maintenance departments guarantee training without unnecessary delays, resulting ta training phases completion on time according to the regulations. Our Pilot Academy complies with a quality management system to the standard EN ISO 9001:2008 for the scope of the provision of training services of professional pilots of aircrafts with reference certification  number 010160158, by TUV Austria.

All our instructors are dedicated to the aviation spirit! They teach with passion and excellence in order to initiate trainees to the same spirit, providing them the skills for a successful aviation career.

We are in Greece

Greece is considered as a perfect and unique aviation training destination! The ideal weather conditions for flight training (approximately 320 days per year) are an ally of our students. In Greece there are no delays in flight training due to bad weather. Greece also has many airports ideal for flight training.

The pleasant Mediterranean climate of Greece is also ideal for a comfortable stay. The Mediterranean cuisine is considered among the best in Europe, along with a variety of activities for utilizing them during free time.

FAS Pilot Academy has premises and facilities on the island of Rhodes (International Airport), Attica/Megara (Pachi Airport) and Pireaus city (ground school premises).  The weather is ideal for flight training on both of our flight training bases.