ICAO CPL /ME /IR to EASA license conversion


The course objective is to provide to an ICAO CPL /MEP /IR holder all theoretical knowledge and flight training according to Part-FCL, for a successful examination and flight skill test in order to convert his license according to EASA regulations.

Course Price

On Request

ATPL Theoretical Training Online Sessions

Seize the opportunity and complete the theoretical part of the APTL(A) training from the comfort of your home without leaving your country!

Due to the COVID-19 disease situation, the ATPL Theoretical part of the training is performed with interactive online sessions.

After completing your registration we will send you your Apple i-Pad, which is included in the Student Kit provided to all ATPL Integrated trainnes, loaded with PAD Pilot's Complete ATPL Training Manual Package. The ATPL training manual package includes the ATPL e-books for 14 subjects and all educational material needed. We will also send you the crendentials for the 12-month subscription to Aviation Exam.

Upon receiving your Apple i-Pad you are ready to participate in the interactive online sessions while you are in constant contact with your instructors, you ask your questions live, perform exams tests etc.

The benefit of Online Sessions

The implementation of interactive online sessions has the benefit for the trainees the reduction of the time they have to live outside their country for almost 8 months, which in turn reduces the total cost of living abroad for completing the training.

Check our Offers

Check our offers for the ATPL (A) integrated training course including Accommodation and our special rates for groups of 6 students:

ATPL Training Packages

Enrollment Requirements

  • Current - Valid ICAO CPL/IR/MEP
  • EASA Medical (Class 1) Certificate
  • ICAO Language Proficiency Level 4 (at least) issued by an EASA Approved examination centre

Before the Skill test the applicant shall meet minimum:

  • 200 hrs total flight time (on aircraft)
  • 100 hrs as PIC, 50 of them X-C
  • One X-country trip 300 NM as PIC

Additional Training (not mandatory but recommended)

  • Aviation English Test
  • MCC Flight Training Course
    - 20 hours Multi Crew Cooperation Course on TURBO PROP – FNPT II

The total price for additional training is 2,550€ only!











Flight Training

  • 3 hours on MEP: 1 day
  • 3 hours on Socata TB : 1 day
  • 9 hours on FNPT II : 2-3 days
  • Skill tests : 2 days


  • 20 Hours Theoretical Knowledge : 4 days
  • 20 Hours Flight Training MCC : 5 days

Training Locations

  • Attica / Megara
  • Attica / Markopoulo

The climate of our facilities in Greece ensures perfect weather conditions and immediate flight training without any weather related delays!

Course Analysis Aviator Conversion I ICAO CPL /ME /IR to EASA license conversion

Theoretical Training
  • ATPL (A) Theory which includes, Computer Based Training, formal classroom seminars, inter-active video training, slide/tape presentation, progress tests, and sample exams under supervision of ground instructor.
Flight Training
  • Three (3) hours on SEP
  • Three (3) hours on MEP
  • Nine (9) hours in FNPT II
  • MEP A/C Pilot’s Information Manual
  • SEP A/C Pilot’s Information Manual
  • PAD PILOT Complete Training Manual Package (http://padpilot.eu/)

All books are in i-Book format for Apple i-Pad.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Examination Fees & Flight Skill Test per pass

  • 02:30 hours on SEP
  • 02:30 hours on MEP
  • Examiners fee

The price includes the cost of the first attempt.

Examination Cost


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