ATPL Integrated. EASA Approved. Commercial Pilot Training Course.


ATPL Integrated. Commercial Pilot Training course - CPL/ME/IR  + MCC on license (ATPL Frozen)

This is a Commercial Pilot Integrated Training course (ATPL Integrated) designed for student pilots with zero flying experience. The course provides all the theoretical knowledge and flight training required, plus certification, for a successful examination and flight skill test in order to obtain an EASA Approved Commercial Pilot License (CPL) including Multi Engine (ME) and Instrument Ratings (IR), ATPL Theory Credit and MCC Completed on license (CPL/ME/IR - EASA Approved ATPL frozen).

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Claim a scholarship for the ATPL(A) Integrated!

The EASA Approved flight training organization FAS Pilot Academy, based in Greece, provides scholarships up to € 35.000 that are related to the Integrated Air Transport Pilot License training course to obtain a professional pilot’s license after a competition in order of success.

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Enrollment Requirements

  • Age: At least 18 years old
  • English Language: Sufficient knowledge of English Language
  • Min. Degree: High school or equivalent
  • Good health and Physical Status
  • Non-EU citizens: VISA Type D (student Permit) required for non European citizens. What is this?

An initial assessment is required before you accepted by our Academy as full time student. The initial assessment structure is described in detail here: Initial Assessment


  • All the necessary theoretical training (ATPL, PBN, UPRT, MCC)
  • 209 Hours of Flight Training plus
  • 6 flying Hours for the skill tests.
  • Course e-books
  • Student Pilot Kit
  • ICAO Language Proficiency Test fees
  • Skill tests fees (for the first attempt only)











Average completion duration is 14 months due to perfect weather in Geece and according to student's performance.

Training Locations

  • Attica / Megara
  • Attica / Markopoulo

The climate of our facilities in Greece ensures perfect weather conditions and immediate flight training without any weather related delays!

Course Analysis Aviator Pro II ATPL Integrated. EASA Approved. Commercial Pilot Training Course.

Theoretical Training

ATPL (A) Theoretical Knowledge Course
14 Subjects in classroom under Lectures from qualified instructors, Computer Based Training, which includes formal classroom work, inter-active video training, slide/tape presentation, progress tests, and sample exams under supervision of ground instructor. Lectures are taking place through the interactive way of PAD PILOT containing not only information-packed pages of textual information but literally thousands of tables, 2D and 3D images, animations and videos. FAS tutorials provide a unique education that preserves long after the exams are passed and covers the demands on the field of modern aviation

Performance Based Navigation Course (PBN)
The aim of the course is to ensure global standardization of RNAV. PBN is an enabler for increasing efficiency, reducing environmental impact, increasing capacity, and improving airport access.

Aviation English Test
The ELP is a test that examines the candidate’s ability to communicate safely in English under the principles of EASA and is conducted to our premises since FAS is an EASA approved ELP examination center.

Upset Prevention and Recovery (UPRT)
UPRT course is a combination of theoretical and flying training. The objective of the course is for the pilot under training to understand how to cope with the physiological and psychological aspects of dynamic upsets in airplanes, and to develop the necessary competence and resilience to be able to apply appropriate recovery techniques during upsets.

Flight Training
  • 137 hours on SEP
  • 40 hours in FNPT II
  • 08 hours on MEP
  • 04 hours Performance Based Navigation Course in FNPT II
  • 15 hours Multi Crew Cooperation Course (MCC) on TURBO PROP-FNPT II
  • 05 hours UPRT course in aircraft
  • MEP A/C Pilot’s Information Manual
  • SEP A/C Pilot’s Information Manual
  • Complete Training Manual Package of PAD PILOT (
  • Other ATPL books and study means
  • Aviation Exams subscription (12 months)
  • MCC Training Manual
Student Kit
  • Apple i-Pad
  • Folding Kneeboard
  • EASA PART/FCL Pilot’s Log Book
  • Navigation Plotter
  • Required charts for training
  • Jeppesen Airway manual botland for training
  • Student Pilot Bag (PILOT CASE)
  • Complete Uniform (2sets) and one flight jacket

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Examination Fees & Flight Skill Test per pass

  • 2,5 hours flight skill test on Single Engine Aircraft (SEP)
  • 2,5 hours flight skill test on Multi Engine Aircraft (MEP)
  • 1 hour on FNPT for PBN
  • HCAA fees for skill tests
  • Examiners fee
  • HCAA fees for ATPL theoretical examination
  • HCAA fees for License Issue

The cost for the first attempt only is included in the course price.

Examination Cost


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