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FAS Pilot Academy recently expanded its training abilities and incorporated the latest generation simulator of ALSIM the ALX.

The Flight Simulator is a device designed to operate exactly as an actual aircraft. The strict specification that it has, combined with the graphic settings of the simulator predisposes the user to be in a real plane with all the systems and characteristics of a natural environment. A simulator device can be used from everyone who wishes to experience how it feels to be up to the sky.

ALX Flight Simulator

FAS Pilot Academy recently expanded its training abilities and incorporate the latest generation simulator of ALSIM the ALX. This specific simulator enables trainees to be initiated into the environment, procedures and systems of a cockpit. The ALX is an excellent standard training device which can be used for a variety of training courses.

There are a lot of courses for which the usage of simulator is mandatory according to the EASA regulations. A typical example is the CPL(A) course ,in order for a trainee to obtain the commercial pilot license is mandatory as part of his/her training to complete at least 40 flight hours within a simulator. Also when pilots wish to refresh their license they have the option, according to the EASA regulations to fly within a simulator.

Simulator Availability

One of the biggest problems that ATO’s without an in house simulator are calling to deal with is the booking availability. FAS Pilot Academy as an owner of the new device of ALSIM ALX can provide any kind of training to its trainees whenever they wish, combining of course with instructors availability. Also an important asset is the location of the simulator. FAS has located the simulator in the same building where the theoretical training is taking place, which is also the headquarters of the organization. This give to all trainees a double benefit. Firstly they do not lose time to move after the completion of their theoretical training to another place for their simulator training. Secondly they have direct access to the administration department regarding the paperwork that they need to complete after the completion of their training in the simulator.

Mandatory Usage

To the majority of the aviation courses is mandatory the usage of a simulator device. Some of those courses are : the course for the Commercial Pilot License, the Multi Crew Cooperation(MCC) course, the Performance Based Navigation(PBN) course, the Instrument Rating(IR) course, MEP/IR and SEP/IR training courses.

The Instructors

All the instructors of FAS Pilot Academy are qualified flight and ground instructors with vast experience in the commercial and general aviation. All our instructors are dedicated to transfer their knowledge and their aviation spirit to the trainees.