Aviator Pro Advanced Series
Η σειρά Aviator Pro Advanced είναι σχεδιασμένη για επαγγελματίες πιλότους.
Aviator Pro Advanced I

MCC - Multi Crew Cooperation Course

This course is designed for training pilots to become proficient in Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) environment. Optimum decision making, communication, allocation of tasks, mutual supervision, use of checklists, teamwork and support of all phases of flight under normal, abnormal or emergency conditions are the objectives of MCC course. By attending this course the pilot is ready to operate safely in multi pilot, multi engine aircrafts.

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Airbus A320 Type Rating

This course is designed to provide to the trainees all the theoretical knowledge and flight training in order to obtain Airbus A320 Type Rating.Important NOTE: Following the completion of the course, according to the legislation, base training on an airplane A320F must be performed consisting from 6 touch and goes. This training may be arranged by every student by himself with our full support.The price is per person and is valid for minimum two trainees conducting the same course.

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Aviator Pro Advanced V

Flight Instructor (FI) course

The aim of this course is to give adequate training to the applicant in ground and flying instructional techniques based upon established teaching methods. On successful completion of the course and final test the applicant will be issued with a FI (A) rating permitting the holder to give flight training appropriate to the issue of a PPL(A) or a CPL(A).

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